I have always had a passion for the African wilderness from before I can remember. I have my parents to thank for exposing me to the wonderful creation and all its intricacies. It has been a privilege to work with countless children in my career showing them the wonderment of the natural world. They often take such delight in what they discover and develop a love for the wild and all that it is made up of. When I had children of my own I realized it was time to put something together for the young ones who do not get the opportunity to experience the wilderness first hand. And so Get Bushwise was born. The interactive books have transported readers young and old into the African Bushveld for many years now. A 39 part television series has since been produced based on the book series and is currently being screened worldwide.

Now it is time to unlock the design found in nature and what we can learn from it. Watch this space....


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